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május 31, 2011
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június 3, 2011
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Yevuska proved to be a real enterpreneur.. A gastronomical voyage in the Crimea.

The sweetest and funniest memory of my vacation abroad flies back from the far away past and makes me laugh a lot even today. It happened in 1985 when my family went to have vacation on the coast of the Black Sea in Crimea (in the former Soviet Union). I was fascinated to swim in the sea and get to know hundreds of colorful medusas for the first time in my life.I could not help noticing the seemingly bored people on the beach. Right from the second day I worked out a plan to take the maximum benefit from this exceptional situation and exotic conditions. I became a hunter of medusas, who was collecting them in a little bucket and then letting these poor creatures melt under the hot sun. The recipe was simple: all I did waited until the mass of medusas becomes jelly to allow me to shape nice little balls from it. The next step was to cover them with sand to give a more sophisticated, appealing look. The product was ready to be promoted and sold among relaxed people having some rest on the beach.

The business trick of mine was not to put a high price for these ‘delicious and tasty sweet balls’ as I called them. And guess what! The success was enormous!!! Almost every second person was willing to pay. I have managed to gain a lot of clients who were naively buying my unique product with the hope to finally try something authentic and tasteful. Well, the peoples’ reaction after discovering the ugly truth was less pleasant and chilled, but their aggressiveness was definitely beat by my innocent smile and my mom’s shy explanations. It was a moment and summer vacation to remember for the life time.

A little fat kid achieved a great business affair and was full of cash, which needed to be given back to her victims at the end. My childish creativity has gone over the years, and I only wish I could kept at least a little portion of it for the future successes 😉

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